Supermodels in super-contrived, super-stylised situations look super gay (as in shit).


makes me want to get my tattoos removed.

it is what it is (ie: its stupid but it pushes your buttons), but who are the women sposed to be? the ghosts of all the iraqi girls & women theyve r@ped and murdered? or per-chance the souls of their girlfriends & wives who are cheating on them back home..

whats disturbing is that the human race wouldnt exist if it wasnt for rape and murder.

Sweet Baby Becky Lee

This reminds me of Bruno, Sacha Baron Cohen's character on Da Ali G show; the episode when he interviews a really fucking stupid "hollywood" hairstylist and a retail owner who was willing to lie on camera for him.


Atleast there's tits.


oh hey i think i remember that episode. the hairstylist was that johnathan guy who used to be on that tv show blowout but then it got cancelled or w/e.


"Sure, we do fashion stories around social issues. But when we look at poverty, gang violence and war, we shoot real slum dwellers, real soliders and real gang members. There's a difference, don't you think?"

Sure that photo shoot is fucking retarded, but whether the clothing being sold is worn by models or on the page adjacent to the real deal, as in the case of Vice, the end result is the same. One might even make a case that piggy-backing on some found content is an even more insidious way to do business than some overtly ridiculous spectacle in Vogue. Just because Vice in the business of displaying hidden authenticity, don't think for a second that on balance you're performing a service to humanity. At least the models get some fraction back for the value created.


This photo shoot is 'ironic' because they're trying to portray war as sexy. Creating a Pavlovian response to war images is irresponsible.

Vice, on the other hand, doesn't attempt to sexualize its subjects in this regard.

Vogue is exploiting the war for its irony. Vice is exploiting its subjects... but only in the way that photojournalists 'exploit' the subjects of their stories. Vice doesn't create a false story, but merely finds an interesting one... and then slaps designer clothes on them.

Ultimately, whether Vice or Vogue, all the subjects *want* their picture taken.


I liked it.


don't you guys still dress them up?


yeah kind of like how vice australia just did a big photo shoot with the 'cave clan' or whatever, the underground explorer guys, but instead of using the real guys they used poofy models. authentic as.


My god, how much bollocks do you all type? stop wittering on and realise that whatever you photgraph you frame. everyone exploits everyone else, whether it's sexually or not. how long did you think it was going to take to get to war, just because vice offer some thing 'real' is your own perception.


I don't know about the politics of it all.

All I know is Vogue is retarded (and not in the good way). Their clothes are so obvious, the models are disgustingly boring cookie-cutter "good looking" that I want to vomit.

Don't Americans know they can never escape their tacky taste?


this makes me think of sex and how i'm not having it, especially not with model tits

war is totallly a frat party

my favorite is the one with the chick giving a dude a tattoo on his ass


Tattoo on model's arm?
What's with raping maori culture?

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