puis-je vomir?

thank you for reminding me how many sick & disturbed people are out there, I was considering the prospect of having kids today


usually i be all like "stop snitchin" an shit but when i see this nasty rudeness i say "snitch away!! snitch these creepazoids hella!!"


no wrong.

ya mama


Vice why do you know this info?
were you googling child porn or something? WTF is right how do you know about a party like this, unless maybe your thinking of attending



nasal spray

color me creeped out.

Scott Baio

Ha, ha, if you think that's bad, check out this site about middle aged women who are pro-child-love with LG's. It's called "Butterfly Kisses."


Seriously, read some of the "personal stories." Shit, I thought Vice was edgy, this site blew my mind wide open.


you put the wrong url.


sick fuckin bastards, there is no worse crime IMO than to sexually abuse a child, it takes their whole life away. and they call it "sexual orientation" like they cant help it or something. FUCKIN DILLUSIONAL MOTHERFUCKERS, this kinda shit gets me so heated i wanna bash their brains in. someone hack this shit please


simmer down tt, this site is LG WATCH not LG RAPE

purple peddy eater

that purple crowny guy looks hella creepy

dude they're blowing my cover


i fucking love kids

note: the use of the work fucking here is meant to imply admiration, not to denote a sexual activity


too bad i like to fuck geriatric midgets. It just sucks when you are nailing one and it Does turn out to be a 7 year old girl. pretty embarrassing.

Goes to show that most of you degenerates in this here forum are always ready to pounce and destroy anything that doesn't suit your cultural taste. We fear most what we don't understand. And how can we, when the first one we can have an intelligent and free conversation with is immediately ostracized or put to death? We will never have a scientific, unbiased conclusion on this for obvious reasons. Probably in a century or two from now, future people will just laugh at our fears and hypocrisy.

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