The shading on the turban is excellent.

benny boy

very nice tattoo tho


What a fag. At least the skin had the sack to put it where you can see it. This fucking homo is going to hide it on his leg.

Grow a set queer.

Bin Laughin

a tattoo of a dirty fuck who looks like he has a dirty Sanchez. nice.


911 was an inside job


911 was an inside job


fffg is lame. It's not cool anymore to say that 911 was an inside job. It's way cooler to deny the whole thing. The building's still there. It was all done with mirrors.


The thing on that Skinhead's nose makes it look like a dick.


crazy germans, what will they think of next? wait a minute, american skinheads worship Hitler, and germans worship Osama? now i'm confused.


anyone else seen that movie 'the shadow'. well thats whats happened to the twin towers, everyone has been hypnotized into thinking its gone. but really its still there with genghis khan making a bomb inside it


It´s dirty and I like it!

all you jews and hicks are just pissed because osama leveled americas ego.


i thought about getting the Austrian flag tattooed on my asshole after gettin strip searched on their side of the Bavarian border..so nxt time they asked me to spread my cheeks...

al pal

Where can you even find a tattoo artist that will do that... and do such a nice job, at that.

zits on the turban !


my friend has a drawing like that on his arm. well its et and osama but still . harmony korine drew it.


That is some nice ink!!!


You are all sad sick fuckers and i dont think any off this is fucking funny......Ready heres why,you all ready......sure ?......THEY ALL FUCKING MURDER PEOPLE......lets see if its funny when its you and yours......go get cancer you cunts


this tattoo is so fucking gay have some pride in your country you piece of shit he is nothing but a dumb sand nigger...


if you hate America then move out you fucker go hang out with all the other homos who like this tattoo

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