he actually has special miniture curlers for his little jew-burns. he sits with his mum in his front room with them on talking on the phone going 'yeah theres like this amazing new kind of music sweeping the nation.....its called indy'

jack vice

yeah, wearing my curlers, dressing gown, watching corrie and shagging the milkman

you can blame the wierd back bit on a scar or somethin, the tuft? simply cut it off dude whats wrong with you! the fringe though... hmmm fucked! ha ha ah ah

to be fair the tuft was pulled out and plumed for extra special jew effect

The Mayor


who really cares?

owned? i'll own your arse you prick


Is James into bears by any chance? He's really groping that metal guy in the Broken Ankle entry...

Vadge Biggles

what kind of events does jack promote. receipt of ugly girl bum bum thumb pummels? grots electro pardies with crap english drugs?
what other cutting edge events is this joey tribbiani via temple fortune via the hospital with severe anus bleeding hairstyled young dickass in charge of?

kele "parka posey" okereke dj set courting? and by courting I mean slucking his gross whinging mini oreo stack in the hope of a bit of double stuf creeeeeam

I gorrrit, kate nash ugliest body in the world period piece tv party tonight? artful cheap monday jean strewing on floor of brother's bedroom? promos for homos and now he's got the curtains to match the drapes over his dad's knee.

seriously all jokes that I a hundred percent mean aside you look gayer than christmas kid, you look gayer than christmas cooing while getting fucked in the ass by chanukah. you aint even getting a reacharound.. that haircut is unadulterated "I'm a cumjar"


whoa, that guy really doesnt like the hairstyle... I think he looks kinda cute

moe blackass

actually honeycunt I just hate the guy, the hairstyle kind of makes me want to circumsize your dick size clit and hotdog on that pork pie till catsup clots dribble down the back of my bacon grease asshole

MY NAME IS SHYSHEE FOE DON'T Y KNOW INNIT BRO CHINNIN IT BRO DINNIT BRO GO SO GAY. pee pee S why does britain suck so hard at black music. alls you can make is white wash genes

Carlos Rossi

This haircut isn't nearly as bad, or good, as the ring of destiny 'do.


...and coming in a close second to the Australian Vice team for the most boring, self-absorbed & just-plain-not-funny articles about their friends is... *dumb roll please*....... VICE UK!!!
who wouldve thought? next we'll be hearing about "our friends" at the old blue lasts new fashion coolests most boring shit ive ever read in my life, with the obligatory photo of course
can i go home now?

jack mehoff

seriously is there anyone in charge over there? how much are you fucks paid?

black beauty

the hair is great
the leg is great.
phwoar. more like this please.

p.s one thing i've never got is whinging dickheads who moan about stuff like this but carry on reading it (and going to the effort of writing how much they didn't enjoy reading it). call me stupid - which i'm sure you will - but why don't you stop coming on this site and reading this 'boring shit'? maybe that'd cheer you up.

evan moe blackass

who's whinging I'm dissing you're toilet I'm pissing and shitting and hitting your father and she love it and her pooey nana smell like french vagina slice cream with a slash gash reduction

"phwoar" is that sound of your sewage guts sucking the plucked ass of some expansion team drone who got his haircut by donny downs


hey 'black butthole'
the truth hurts huh?
i keep coming to this website and reading these articles bcos a lot of the time they're really really really fcking good.
actually i think the vice site is the best thing on the internet.
except for shit like this (which isnt often) but yknow, opinions are like assholes.
& on this one my metaphorical asshole says WHAT THE F*CK WERE YOU THINKING?
you suck it ricky, big time

ming wah

i have to say, and i know i'll be slated for this but, I...I kind of like it... (the haircut that is, the crusty ankle made me dry wretch)

when i read "the most ridiculous, most revolting haircut" i'm thinking some flock of seagulls type of shit, but this? jeez england is uptight

i to the s

1. the haircut isn't half bad. it just looks like a regular buzzcut. the side tufts were obviously manipulated for the photo. the boy has a pretty face, any haircut will do, skanky ankle and all.

2. people need to relax. who takes this post seriously? who takes vice seriously? seriously. in all seriousness. it's an in-joke. get over it. it's their blog, they'll post whatever they feel like posting.

3. grammar. you don't go to school for nothin'.

4. this is coming from a person who is not much of a fan of vice.

that guy above speaks the truth...IT'S AN IN JOKE everyone need to chilllllll outttttttttt.




Work those jew sideburns! In a couple weeks, when they grow a bit, you can twiddle them between finger and thumb in a provocative manner. The guys/girls/cats will come flocking. (The middle one is a lie).
May I suggest wrapping the hair around the thumb as this will act as a natural curling mechanism for when you're out and about, on the go.
If you want more tips just holla.

generic viagra

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