Some young children have dolls and treat them like friends - they put them to bed and talk to them, so I can understand how a disabled child might like a toy she can relate to. its all dependant on why the child has the toy. Sure, these toys are extremely niche and novel but I dont really get how providing variety is that hilerious.

Vice magazine started out as a alternative product for a niche market, remember? y'know, in the 90s? before you sold out to Sony and American Apparel.


Wow, what the hell is wrong with you. Average kids have the chance to play with toys that look and move like them. Disabled kids don't. These dolls give kids the chance to play in a way that validates their appearance and experiences as a disabled child. There's nothing ridiculous about that.


um why are they all white?? they could accomodate kids with no hair who wear different types of hats, but couldnt figure out how to make one non white doll?

robbie slade

my favorite is the story book "danny up a tree" you find when you follow the Dolly Downs link




hey austin, last time i checked, i didnt look like or move like a ninja turtle, hot wheels car, or a centurion. i'm sorry my parents didnt suck and get me "average" looking toys when i was a kid


I just think ALL dolls are good for therapy. If a child feels better with "disabled" dolls, then what's wrong with that? They can still play with their baby dolls and baby doll furniture however they want. I guess I'm pretty okay with the idea. Whatever makes children happy.

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