Man bags are only acceptable when they have testicles in them.

Dave Cph

What happens between consenting adults is perfectly OK as long it takes place i the privacy of ones own home, or in a to the purpose designed facility. Due to the limited number of public man-bag facilities in most urban areas, it should only be used in private, if at all.

I used to have one. I thought it was cool until my gf started asking me if she could put her make-up in there.


never. if you don't have enough shit for a backpack or calico bag to be necessary, put it in your pockets guys! by virtue of tighter clothes and more shit to carry around, we have the prerogative to wear whatever bag we choose. you guys, have pockets.


that picture was taken at the new terminal building at washington national airport in virginia.


Even the picture of the he-man biracial(?) guy clutching that red headed bombshell is totally devoid of masculinity because of that fucking purse.

Now it looks like they are practicing a kind of salsa dance in between fits of shopping together.

If you read Shakespeare, men often refer to owning a purse. This still doesn't justify anything.

Um. I guess it's totally acceptable if you are both gay and a catcher.

Or if you're an African child militia member and you need a place to stash bullets and that's the first thing you pull out of the donation bin, but even then little Muntumbe would be like
"aww gay..." only in African before slinging it over his shoulder.

size matters

how small does it have to be to be a murse? messenger bags are OK, no? i have a diesel square bag which is perfect for books and my 9mm.

man bags = gay bags


i have a man bag does that make me a lesbian?

gareth's friend

he puts the MAN in man bag

sherlock holmo

look here upstarts ...

i have been walking the streets of london for over 300 years now, i am the undead of the detective world, banished to the cold and vacuous vortex in betwixt the living and the dead ... sentenced to catch criminals perpetrating crimes against fashion ...

dont even know if im gay or straight but what i know is that the man bag or the homo carrierus bagus is not something to be frowned on ..

they are essential items when wanting to feel light hearted and light around the shoulders ... these days men carry small black or white shiny objects with ear receptacles attached in them ... quite the trend on baker street ladies and gents ...

i personally have so many in so many different colours if i was to don them all at once it would like i was wearing the latest miss match plaid shirt from Ralph Lauren ...

so design guy ...

design your own lifestyle

never allow others to influence you

SH x

whatever the bag is gay dude


Those big ass DJ bags are acceptable.


vice, um...didn't seinfeld cover this like ten years ago? and then didnt exile do a whole murse issue a few months back?

no one

How else can you carry the necessities: cigarettes, lighter, wallet, keys, flask, and phone? Unless you really want to be fucking lame and wear cargo pants.


A shoulder bag / backpack is too big, a murse is gay... are there any other options.

Like no one said; we need to carry around a lot these days. Keys, phone, ciggies, lighter, ipod, etc.

In the winter you can fit these things in your coat but in the summer..???

Maybe something that folds up? Come on design guys.

gun club

manbags not okay. makes you an asshole. I miss good old black or blue jansport backpacks. remember those? but sans the white out NIN. Even full-size messenger bags are better than dainty murses. the obvious drawback should be they make guys look like they have mombutt.


man bags aka brokeback purses


Manbags are ok on holiday when you have to carry around your passport and shit. Also, nobody you know will see you wearing it.


i saw a dude on the train today, impeccably dressed i must say - he solved this problem by wearing an ACTUAL WOMAN PURSE with like some spiky thingy around the shoulder strap. against all odds it w0rked. fine, don't believe me. i wouldn't.

mikey j

these dude probably stuff their backpacks. go team manly men.

yeah i agree. when travelling there aint much fuckin' choice out there. well... i guess there's always fanny packs.


Manbag AKA Brokeback Sack


murses oh fuck.


What about canvas tote bags? Like the kind you get at the grocery store. Not so gay, but depending on the graphic on the side you might be labeled a hippy. And if it comes to that, I'd almost rather be gay.

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