Firsticular Cancer

Seconded by Bum



You guys are right this is an awesome page - how do you think larry got those effects up there? I think this is his best work since all those fuckawful movies he made

Toronto 007

Larry Carlson is the greatest internet artist alive today. More people love his work then any one else. Back in the day in the dorms, kids would like take shit loads of shrooms and just bug on his site all night. I think he's done one of the most exciting and daring projects ever online. Look deeper into his work - its way more then a blacklight fantasy.


oh fucking obnoxious what the hell


oh wait i changed my mind, it makes me uncomfortable but good uncomfortable.

it's like neen on peyot

shocked middle class westerner

staring at that makes me want to cry,
i have a swelling horrible feeling underneath my heart . . .

i think im going to pass out...


i really like this stuff.

every time i watch i feel a little funny in my chest and eventually i catch myself making these involuntary horrified faces but i keep coming back to watch.

i think drugs are required. otherwise your brain is like what the fuck nooooo.


I saw "FUCK YOUR LIFE" flashing up in 5ft letters at a rave. This reminds me of that because it's also just too intense – which is quite scary/exciting.


'Stoner Posters' are great for the exact reasons Vice says they suck, Vice just doesn't understand that 'stoners' might actually have a sense of humor about it and aren't taking this shit so seriously.

I mean, posters in general are a disposable medium, and college (where these posters get hung mostly) is a transitory time, when you are only living in a dorm/apt for about a year at a time, so why not hang up some stupid shit with a frog sitting on a mushroom and lighting incense? Are you too scared you're 'becoming a cliche?' Who cares how lame black lights are and all that?

I wish these were screen-savers.


ohmygawd that is horrifique


I am just crazy about Carlson's work. I get it it whether I'm straight or high.

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