money rules


There really should be more academic support for hedonism. When was the last time you saw some Aristotelian Ethicist driving a ferrari?

chairman me

what sort of return could i expect if i were to 'invest' $15k in a high class prostitute. could i resell a piece of ass to turn a profit? the 'quick flip' so to speak? are high class call-girls converting their vaginas into co-ops now? am i contributing to some kind of capital improvement here...?

Owen Sparks

Casanova. One "s."

That's all.


And so Vice proves again that its attitude towards women is as grandiose as the guys in the trailer truck in that Borat movie. Hope you all get testicle cancer and your balls fall of.

And as for that web tv it is so lame I had to take speed to stay awake. Yawn. Yawn. Quality? Why don't you go out in the world and have some real shit happen to you.

Hey Qwerty, this post was written by a woman. You doof.


Looks like an average escort agency. This is nothing new.


And so what? There's a lot of women out there who advocate women being treated like trash. It's nothing new.

I am just so tired of the sexist postings being some kind of norm, if I'd wanted that stuff I'd go read a porn mag.

And as the post above said, it's just another escort agency makes the post even more weak.



Owww! Poor Querty, crying about sexism.
Have you seen the amount of that so called "positive discrimination" towards men?
Tell me when was the last time a guy was portrayed in good light by the media...
These women aren´t forced to sell themselves, you know what, some of them even enjoy it.

So shut up!

PS: I´m a woman too, and damn tired of guy bashing.


The happy whore; it's like an urban myth. However I am sure there are some of these girls who enjoy fucking greasy shit for a lot of money and there's lot of them who do it for free too.

But that is not the point, I am sure they gonna do alright or maybe not. The point is continuing this sexist shit is setting the standard all the way down to the trafficking victims in Russia to the fourteen year olds with heavy makeup walking the streets in Mexico City.

I am no moralist but I am fed up with this sexist shit. Oh so fed up.

And I am not bashing men, girls can be just as sexist to. Yeah, they're pretty much the same assholes men are.

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