Knut the polar bear

If I have to choose between bees and cell phones, I would choose bees.

Cell phones have ruined everything.

Cynical Messiah

Maybe we can get rid of one-third of the world's population that way. Hopefully, it'll be the idiots who blather on their phone.

Cynical Messiah

Maybe we can get rid of one-third of the world's population that way. Hopefully, it'll be the idiots who blather on their phone.


that video with the Metallica soundtrack is ENTRANCING.

Bee Lover

I hope it's fucking with the Wasps navigation too, wasps fucking suck.

Why cant the gnats and mosquitos fucking die? Why is it the friendly honey bee?



i love that video

clap shitty

Yet another "arctic ice is like ice cubes in your glass of Makers" moment for Vice.

A 2006 University of Landau pilot study looking for non-thermal effects of RF on honey bees (Apis mellifera carnica) suggested that when bee hives have DECT cordless phone base stations embedded in them, the close-range EMF emissions may reduce the ability of bees to return to their hive; they also noticed a slight reduction in honeycomb weight in treated colonies. [37] In the course of their study, one half of their colonies broke down, including some of their controls which did not have DECT base stations embedded in them.

The team's 2004 exploratory study on non-thermal effects on learning did not find any change in behavior due to RF exposure from the DECT base station operating at 1.9 GHz.[38]

In April 2007, news of this study began appearing in major media; at least one article, in The Independent, stated that the subject of the study was "mobile phones",[6]. Cellular phones were in fact not covered in the study, and the researchers have since emphatically disavowed any connection between their research, cellphones, and CCD, specifically indicating the aforementioned article in The Independent as misinterpreting their results and creating "a horror story"[39].

Many possible biological effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic fields have been postulated but it is generally accepted that the most significant effects are thermal.[40]. The amount of RF radiation routinely encountered by the general public is too low to produce significant heating or increased body temperature.[41]

At present the link of either cordless or cellular phones to CCD is entirely speculative, and no research has been done to suggest or demonstrate such a link between the two phenomena. Regardless, such an explanation is not compatible with the historical and present patterns of CCD appearance, which have been intermittent and sudden.

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