bass ackwards

So what exactly do you plan on saving us with, Against Me!,Cheeseburger, and Bonde Do Role? Is that suppose to be like when doctors create vaccines out of dead virulent micro-organisms? Do us a real favor and just stay where you are Vice music team, but send the Black Lips. They're the bee's knees.


You're dumb, bass ackwards. Bonde Do Role could destroy your lips any day.

dr strangelove

This is why all the real Austinites leave town while the blight infects.. Have fun! Make sure to wear a crushed straw cowboy hat and drink lots of Shiner bitches!


did anyone die at the elk's lodge saturday night? does anyone have pictures of the broken deck? i drove up there around 1am to be directed away by ambulances and fire trucks. what happened?


i heard no one got hurt, which is amazing because that place was a total death trap. I'm just glad there wasn't a fire or we'd all be toast.


saturday night was the 2nd night in a row the shit i was at got shut down. so frustrating. i was getting my mack on when i was forced out.

also, my friend got arrested outside of dallas for having those baggies that were on the table. the cops thought he was selling meth.

way after the fact

id rather see the corpses of red krayola, 13th floor elevators, butthole surfers and the dicks who are all from texas than any of the bullshit your bringing to town.. bloc party...fag party

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