Holy shit, this little punk is older than me by two months! Good thing he's cute, because his looks make up for his dull writing.


Or the inanely boring situations you guys send him into.

"Hey fella, go buy us Taco Bell and write about all the awesome character you meet there. Don't skimp on the hot sauce either."


yeah fuck the world

j e s s e

i enjoy his articles and am jealous of his job.


how about getting him a gig as a male stripper? i mean it'd be a good story and would induce the humiliation that you want in order to "break him in"

hey you guys how wacky is welfare?


Tavern on the Green hires out of the welfare offices? Creepy. No more duck confit for me.


playing poor is sooo much fun! if i do really good maybe one day i'll get a job at conde nast or maybe index magazine! is that one still around? now let's go do coke and dance!


I see vice enjoys not only portraying itself as a sap on the system, but actually sends its writers off to actively take part in it.

Newsflash: Ol' Dirty Bastard pulled the "be rich but still get welfare benefits" stunt for MTV 8 years ago. This is simply cocaine-fueled circle-jerking of the worst order.


I agree with Walker. What is the point of this? Also, what was the point of your DVD?


shit sucks fags


you should make him find a good female friend and make him force her to make really stupid short films for ch.102. that'd be fucking hilarious...


if you really wanna 'break the intern' have him get a job at the hunt's point fish market and see how he fares.

this is sissy stuff, puh-leeze.

Scott Baio

The Real World. Oh shit!


"better take a look at himself"? Jesus, is my Dad working there?

rhys isteric

Is that it. the end.
i must say, he does tell half a story very well.

Golbe Theatre

yo our suggestions were roughly ten times better than this, some eleven

Oh wow, it must feel special, being a middle class white kid exploiting what others actualy depend on for survival. Good luck sucking Vice's dick.


good shit. this guy has written some of the best stuff i've read in vice in a long time.



Give him two kids and a 2000$ one bedroom apartment..with a 8$/hour job and no health care..

...see how long he can last


I'm pingu

Nate V.

It isnt the greatest writing in the world, but give him a break, he is an intern learning and applying. Its like starting a job and having someone expect you to know how to do everything. Keep it up Jon Golbe, i look forward to reading more.

Nate V.

Another thing, if you dont like vice no one is making you read it, so fuck off and let the people who want to read it, read it. I dont want to read comments from people with the "name" poopcunt, talk about shit they have no idea about.


apparently everyone that reads vice online is pissed off at the world. goddamn take some xanax, it'll be alright. i liked the article and am also jealous of this kid.

barqs root beer caffeine

There are too many, not enough handicapped parking spaces in our city

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