Thats easy, suck it and stick it up ya azise

you have to call him while it's up his ass. that's key.

d o m

Can you still get reception if a mobile phone is up your bum?

i wanna see pic btw.


Asians supposedly love cell phones and this one looks pretty neat. Test it out. Visit 10 massage parlors and see how far the girls are willing to go with the gadget.


he should have it tied to his dick from a very short string so that answering phone calls will be a treatise on contortion.

Guido Sarducci

whatever he does he should make sure he gets it nice and wet.

Dear Vice

I’ve an idea that will send a shiver down your spine and send your little rent-free boy running for the nearest crack invested brothel, just so he can fuck and suck his blues away.

This idea resides in the beloved London town. What you need to do is send your little friend, to a grime/ dubstepp night with the mission of scoring as many runs as possible playing trainer ‘cricket’, (this is an up-to-date version of tit cricket which is played by people with six fingers and who also masturbate well past the daily recommendation of 5 times in an hour).

The aim of the game is to step on as many trainers before being injured. The scoring system is as follows. Nikes = 2 points. Pumas = 3 points. Prada = 4. Boss = 5. Gucci = 6. And Churchill’s, well to find a pair at a rave is an automatic 50.

I think the white house, Scala even some nights at herbal* (*rare though) are the most suited venue for this activity. Why? I hear you ask. Well, they provide a climate where the philosophy of destroying in order to create blossoms. Think of it like incest in the Deep South (A fact of life). However, the White House may be closed down or been renamed so more research might be needed. So sign his parental slip and send him off…. Happy gaming!!

Alfred P. Jewman

Blend it into slurry (look up the "will it blend?" on youtube), mix with water and bake into a cake and do what you have to do, or just make do with the plastic porridge.


um....call a phone sex line,

stupid kid....

Uncle Sam

god england is gay. who even cares?

RE: Uncle Sam

WTF has England got to do with it you yanky twat?


Is there some kind of html you guys are using to make the thumbnail image align to the left of the text??


yeah, align="left" inside the image tag. probably. /geek


note to the UK:

Americans are not offended when called a "twat"

how about thick cunt?


thx for your response ljlkjlkj (or can I just call you lj?).

The US is full of Transsexuals support society

We would like to invite your intern to a bashment. Cheap booze, shoes and sluts welcome....


I don't know if you can get a paid position in the hasoitpl without the education. Volunteering is pretty much all you can do for the moment until you can get some sort of training. I think after the first semester of nursing school, you qualify as a PCT (patient care tech) and can get a paid position in different wards in the hasoitpl. But, positions in baby/children areas are the most sought-out, so it would be a tough fight to get one of those positions. You'll start on clinical rotations while you're still in school you'll spend some time in various wards of the hasoitpl and if you want to go into peds, you'll probably spend a lot of time in the peds area during your clinicals.Good luck!

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