Benn Glanca

Ever notice that every time Vice does an article about someone like Glenn Branca, Boyd Rice, David Lynch or what have you, they always preface it with a sentence that goes sort of like "We realize that this artist does some really experimental shit, but honestly, truly they're not really an art-fag, they're just plain folks."

What's with the assumption of anti-intellectuallism on the part of your readership? What is this!? The fucking Khmer-Rouge and we're about to be executed for wearing glasses? Cut it out. It's like something from 'Idiocracy.'

I agree

I love the articles on the weirdos. But seriously why should reporting on these counter cultural figures be prefaced by some excuses on why the article was posted. You people spend half the magazine reporting on what clothes people should be wearing. Half the people who read Vice probably don't give a fuck about clothes anyways.


I was a little confused when I read your two comments, but now having gone back and reread the intros to the Boyd Rice thing and the David Lynch thing, I can honestly say I have no idea what you two are talking about. That intro basically says "Folks have a bunch of dumb opinions about what does and doesn't constitute art rock. We can avoid those arguments here because everyone agrees Glenn Branca is a good artist.

The Boyd Rice thing is about how lame he actually is and the David Lynch thing says "We liked Inland Empire and were happy to talk with one of our favorite directors."

You comments people (even the smarties) are on fucking auto-pilot.


Thank you, Vice employee.


Wow, really hit the nail on the head there, slick.

Benn Glanca

The Lynch article asks the reader to "admit it" that David Lynch has made some of their fav films, as if it's something so effete and embarrassing that you wouldn't say it in front of your friends. The Boyd Rice article condescendingly presents a pseudo-SNL cartoon portrayal of "hatezines, Docs and black turtlenecks." (Granted, Rice is a lousy artist and shitty performer, but was doing this lousy shit decades before the present crop.)


Uhp, there's our disagreement. I thought "admit it" referred to how people like to shit on Lynch because he's become such a pedestal figure in the film world, the same way people think it makes them unique to say they don't like the Beatles. As for old Boyd, I wasn't at the show in question, but having been to my share of old-school industrial/goth functions in NYC in the past five years, I'd say the whole scene is about as SNL as it gets.


glenn branca is a worthless hack. sonic youth are hopelessly overrated. end of story

and wait. how did the whole cyber-punk think go un-commented?? cyber punk is pure drivel.


Nice to see a longer music interview (we can credit Branca's answers more than Vice's questions), but jesus christ, talk about wasted opportunitiesyet again. Seven questions. But I guess this is what happens when you don't know much about who you're interviewing. What did you do, hit up Wikipedia before talking to him? What a shame.

Benn Glanca

OK, I'll give you the Boyd Rice thing-- That scene begs mockery, tho as a scene it didn't exist before he & some others invented it.

But I'm not convinced about the Lynch article, and this Branca one is a good example of Vice distancing itself from 'smarty things.' I mean, come on: forget academia, we've all watched enough TV that anyone who doesn't know that 'acoustic phenonena' means 'sound stuff' is the idiot who needs to be ridiculed.

touch the flaming dung

to farting and Benn Glanca:

wowzers what a great deliberation. your guys' arguments remind me of one i had with a kid who jerked off to h.r. giger paintings. i hope you both forget to eat while playing world of warcraft and die from starvation.


"your guys' arguments remind me of one i had with a kid who jerked off to h.r. giger paintings."

So our argument reminded you of an argument you were in? Who exactly is getting snapped here, honcho?

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