it's will ferrell comedy

you stupid amerycahns


ha ha

it's about progressive comment on faggots for the moron community. cool


Will f and Napoleon d vs. G.o.b. and his lady, Amy P?

That sounds hilarious to me (at least the Will f and Gob parts). But thats just me chiming in, via rhyming in. Nawmsayin?


its got coach in it
oughta be good eats

stupid american

I love it, can't wait to die of excessive laughter

Jimob Shasb

I don't like that Napoleon Dynamite guy. I also didn't like the movie at all - it was like if you crossed Gummo with American Movie minus all the laughs

so yeah

was napolean dynamit even that funny? why are we still trying so hard on this guy?


Why do ALL of these fucking movies like Dodgeball and Talladega Nights follow the EXACT same structure where it's a star who somehow gets fucked up and then has to undergo a wacky training process with a zany coach? Wasn't there even something sort of similar to that in Anchorman too? Ferrell was the greatest on SNL, but his movies, hate to say it, have been shite.


I love all of the british folks commenting on american humor here (if not for the typos alone) but yeah, you're all very correct, ALL american humor is total "shite" taladega nights didn't make you "larf" benny hill is god, mr. bean had you rolling in the aisles, etc...
I dare you to watch 3 episodes of little britain back to back, then, after you come down with a serious case of the "un-funnies" try and watch a whole season of mr. show in order, can you PLEASE tell me who's funnier now?! thanks...



its got Feeny. I'm in.


why do you assume anyone whose not american must be british? then mention shitty british shows. you fuck your own arse

anyway, Will Ferrel must LOVE that movie he keeps making

Pissbird, PA

why do you assume anyone whose not american must be british? then mention shitty british shows. you fuck your own arse

anyway, Will Ferrel must LOVE that movie he keeps making

That's "who's" mister snide non-American. Although you're right about Will Ferrell being as funny as someone annoying pretended to be retarded. Like him and every other hallowed eighties movie useless asshole. I don't know their names because I hate movies like The Three Amigos with such a passion, but god I can picture their millionaire talentless irritating fuck faces.


Dear Critics,
You´ve discovered that Ferrel movies are stupid and formulaic? We kind of know that already.

Their faults are fucking obvious and it shouldn´t surprise anybody that some people won´t like em.

Next time a Ferrel-reel hits the theatres, just give yourself a pat on the back for not watching it/ liking it and don´t bother letting us know why.

Ferrel for president 08-


it looks fckng funny, ima watch it.

and its got wil arnet from arrested development in it, that guy doesnt even have to open his mouth and im laughing.

debate over.

& the recurrance of these 'sport' movie spoofs is because we had to sit through so many of them in the eighties, its evening the worlds karma, (thats for those of us who were here and old enough to understand english in the eighties, not like all these super-jaded, super-cynical, super-non-naiive and oh-so-world-wise teenage comment trolls on here. that black hair dye is going to soak into your brain and make you soft.)


i love amy poehler
but i cant stand jon heder i want to punch his mormon face


the gloves are off on this debate concerning the obvious/nothing/who cares/fuck my mouth.

me likes dem cheeky movies gubnah, me awso lobes ovin e larfaloo while wotchin meee favorite illarious comedywomble hugh grant. everyfing about im is hoopy skop!

El Leo Supremacy

Why the hell is everybody so godamn pretentious when it comes to shit like this?
Will Ferrell and co. are still making formulaic comedy because many people continue to pay for it.
If American comedy was unwatchable, then it would not exist.
Let's just all accept that American cinema will forever, for the sake of a buck, churn out film-fodder...And the people will love it.
What does that tell you about America?


fucking mister feeny is in it too. this is going to rule.


it's a movie, WOW! I never heard of anyone getting this heated about good burger or revenge of the nerds, you sound like people that collect baseball cards.


really, amerycahns? is that a joke? if it is, it's not funny. it's not even a joke that's so bad/stupid it comes full circle and gets points due to its level of ridiculous. that's just lame.


Is it just me or are all the Will Ferrell movies becoming the exact same movie? he makes fun of x profession, has x effeminate rival, makes peace with said rival and wins.

it'll will probably be funny though.


What does that MEAN? NO ONE knows what it means, it's provocative No it's not! IT GETS THE PEOPLE GOING!


This movie is crap. I have already seen this movie because it's exactly like all the rest of his movies.


It is genius, in the same way wheels are still round.NONE of YOU have ever done anything good.


The best Will Farrell is when he's not the lead guy. Old School and Wedding Crashers come to mind. "Mom, where's that meatloaf? Fuck!" hahaha

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