haha - too funny


That first picture was ripped from a London music magazine article about New Rave, Jesus Guys get a fucking grip

hey KIM!

sorry to correct you, but that first pic is actually the cover to Niyi's new EP.

rob away

vice is really great and all, but this is total dogshit! bet pingu would love this stuff! anyway keep up the good work!


ugh. ok. have they at least stopped using the cheesy voice samples in rave music.that shit is the lamest form of electronic music ever.


I <3 Blaxons


I want to fuck everyone in that group photo. And I love how all the links are to someone's Myspace profile. Suck it Live Journal!

Black people hang out with white people in London, that's how it works, nothing new. I'm sure it might be a novelty to some but these scenes aren't particularly about black or white. I'm not saying it isn't an issue AT ALL just that it's how it's been for years now. We just one big meltin' pot baby, ebony and ivory, colour-blind, nah, fuck it, just kiddin', eveyone's prob just too drunk to notice INNIT.


But I heard last week on http://bigbignews.net that 'Bluppies' (black yuppies) were the hot new thang...no?!


so to be racially tolerant you have to dress like a fucking optical illusion?


so to be racially tolerant you have to dress like a fucking optical illusion?




Some black dudes from the midwest put out the first *techno* records, and gay black dudes created House music, so it's not all that weird that they be associated with rave shit. Although I don't see much of a correlation between raves and "nu rave" besides the name. Nu Rave is just the latest bandwagon musical genre, thanks to NME.

John John

I wanna fuck that EBONY BONES sooo bad! Wish she'd come to New York..

Judas Beast

To the the clown who was chattin bare fraff about black chaps in the Mid West putting out the first Techno records. No, you cock smoker.

Step away from my internet.



Heard she's coming to NY! Ebony Bones gets boned (Bronx style)Mmm..


black yuppies are BUPPIES
not "bluppies"

take note, fools


This isn't actually happening.
It can't be.

It's almost like Chris Morris and Armando Iannuci are prophets and the stupid future they envisioned has come true.

For once I'm actually glad I live in Glasgow where people who dress like this get stabbed.

appleton rules

I think i saw these guys on Cliff Yablonski like 3 years ago... meh, old news


Black people wow! I didn't know they could be into anything but hip-hop, reggae and grime. All this sort of article does is turn race into a human zoo.


are black people in this week then?


NIYI is wack...i just heard this so called banger of a dubplate, and it sounds like Just Jack on seratonin. JME serious, get to know.


NIYI is wack? 'JME serious' ? FIRSTLY, learn to speak English. SECONDLY, if you are comparing these two, then you just don't get it. I expect to see NIYI doing pretty well this year....

...london calling...

for fuck sake.. nu rave is done. in london that shit is played out... catch up please!
nu rave is old fuckin news!
move on!


Ha! Ha! NU RAVE IS SOOOOOOOOO OVER!! The Klaxons said it themselves. The only person iv ever heard of on that list is Ebony Bones - who we saw play in Manchester. Fucking AMAZING. A*

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