NoFx: The Later Years: A Retrospective

there i win. gimme my money


for shame, Richard Hell, for shame


one of those sneaker culture books
and this is technically a magazine, but any issue of SPIN


Sounds preeeetttyyyyy gay.

What's next, CBGB: the last show: the DVD?

replace the line "A photo retrospective of the crap people wrote on stuff at CBGB's" with any of the following:

vice guide to sex
vice do's and dont's
vice travel
tv carnage
and so on...

et voila, my thoughts exactly

Pyotr Mansbridge

"Sounds preeeetttyyyyy gay.

What's next, CBGB: the last show: the DVD?"

You honestly think that won't happen?


im sorry but every freaking book that comes out from VICE is exacly the same sh't as this CBGB book.

UUUH the great book of dos and donts; Lets get every photo and put it in a book and charge $12.99 to all those urban outfitter kids. at leats this one costs $11.99


even if you hate Vice (which makes it interesting that you're posting here) you have to admit that a book of articles trumps a fucking picture book of drunk crusties' squiggles

marvin jeffries

Yeah, I gotta agree with the one dude, I love reading Vice on-line, but I sure would be embarrassed to be seen walking down Mission Street carrying a Vice magazine, I mean how lame would that be?

Mad Daego

A biography of any DJ. There are people who consider them musicians, you know.


cbgb the musical -- playing in vegas. thanks mommy for the tickets wow and now the book.


Some fuckers will buy it.

I dig reading the Vice on-line thing, some stuff in there worth reading but in general I think Vice kinda typifies the same shit all these new graf books and 'lifestyle' mags are.

Oh look how cutting edge we are.

T Bone

exactly, and that's why this guy is embarrassed.

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