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this is going to be incredible. amazing poster. can i buy it? how?


no ta. going to watch telly instead.

the poster is dope but the band suck ass

Richard Buchanan

Awesome gig!!

Althought I only caught the second show.....much respect to the small lady getting crowd surfed for about 30 mins whilst the rest of the mob were lightly dusted in fairy liquid!




in the end i watched a dvd. pretty good.

Sooo Fucked Up

are these guys retards or what though

these guys are much better check the wecks eff exx


vice stop always giving 8 9 10 reviews to gay shit that maybe plays at the top crowded floor of your pub and does refect the tastes of the knowing teenagers. also the bartenders there on crowded nights is like a roulette wheel of will I get served fast, their fucking slow. andy capper writing for nme is funny but also seems to show subordination to them in exchange for making the Horrors and the Klaxons famous, thanks for that by the way guys, that power couple really made 2006 for me in terms of music. these new vistas are opened to me with all the imagary and the K's replacing C's and shit, its like the strokes meets nirvana but with more topless videos, thanks again guyz, Persian Faggot

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