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fleeting? flowers? no, that's not it. first.


That actually makes me want to barf just looking at it.

I've seen that guy round Shoreditch and he has a skinhead, I reckon thats a wig

"ONCE one of those white guys with dreadlocks"

you fucking idiot, hes clearly shaved his head. You were so desperate to portray yourself as a charming man about town and mention "shoreditch", you forgot to actuall READ the thing?



jack's hot, even, almost, with the dreadlocks.


hot??? you kidding?

hang about jack is that you and your enormous ego at work again?

make someone taste it.. and and tape it.

there must be someone that would taste it surely!



I'll taste it!

vice uk

whats your email sam?

vice uk

lies lies its all lies


I work near the old blue last, if someones reading this and has the power to make it happen, can I come and smell the jar? Do you think the crap in there could melt through the outer layer of a mini babybel? If you ever decide you have had enough of owning it, can you throw it at Suggs?


I don't want to sound imature but i reckon that someone should shit in it as most people hate shit and don't like the thought of it


well atleast shit in it again just to give it an edge

this was one of the funniest things vice ever did, it still makes me laugh today. i wish they still added to it.

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