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appalling... run!


spains a big place! where u launching?


its based in Barcelona

Antonio C

in England but I'm Spanish. How can I help?


spain? is there a shittier country? maybe albania but please,


you've been to spain colin? probably more happening there than fucking LA


spain rules!!!!!!!!!!!


yeah, seen enough gallegos to confirm my theory. although the
jota dance was cute.


In Barcelona!!? You guys are fucked. They will write all shit in catalonian that is a subdialect of french and italian together but worse and ONLY they will understand their own fucking jokes. But what the fuck, they don't even have sense of humor anyway. I believe this is just an excuse for you guys to go there on holiday for FREE. You fucking GUIRIS.


Fuck you Gusano, go back to your "españa profunda" (deep Spain) and try to eat you own nuts! You are jelous because VICE is not going to Madrid... Like olimpic games :)


Barcelona is the coolest city in Spain by far.
And yes, we speak Catalan (our language, not a dialect) and we are proud of it. Go fuck yourself if you do not like it, we couldn´t care less.

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