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be fucking careful cos these things are dangerous.
we're talking serious poisoning here, death, amputation, the works.

imo as NZ is so far away from the rest of the world, you need to add some local flavour, something unattainable in other parts of the world, something alive maybe, like a giant spider like the one in 'lord of the rings'. maybe that or an ancient maori curse or something.
good luck.


Okay, if that is an actual picture of said toenail, that thing deserves a jar of it's own. A jar within a jar maybe?


That toenail is a true thing of beauty. A work of art, even. When I first saw it before reading the article, I thought, "Nice, they're going to put a clam shell in the jar. I hope the meat is still attached."


FUCKIN' GROSS............
.....I LOVE IT!!!!!


Bro. Shit. Wait till it's got super fleah eating acid festy, maybe late jan, Then just one of those giant flesh eastig snails in the mix and see which one is first to be devoured. Then once thry're both kaput polish the snail shell put it on a chain and sell it on ebay as Indigenous Bling


ya'll should add the ass end of one of those lamb skewers you see everywhere in NZed.
meaning at the end of the day those K-Bob shops always have the thin remainder of the days lamb harvest.
Better yet get the remnant skewer and let sit, un-refrigerated, in a pool of urine, then add.


why did your toe nail fall off?


WHY did your toe nail fall off?

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