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Karly Haller

I think you guys ought to find a willing (and presumably batshit crazy) girl with a yeast infection, and get her to share some of the wealth. It would have to be a pretty bad infection for it to be anything substantial enough to put in the jar.
oh yeah-first bitches

Claytron 1985

I believe you guys already crossed the vaginal secretion line with the tampon, no? Maybe that was the U.S. Gross Jar. Anyway, I think the only thing left that would shock me (or any of your other readers, for that matter)is actual human tissue, preferably an aborted fetus. I think "Gross Jar" falls squarely under the educational-purpose umbrella, so you should be fine. Tell me how that goes.

nicole and carly

Hello, we are from saskatoon, saskatchewan and we think that the hot salty tears from a rape victim would add to the gross jar. And yes the yeast infection tops the tampon, come on I use my tampons as a key chain


tom your a crazy man, last time i did that i got a massive infection in my foot, especially over such toxic matter...
maybe try going to an all you can eat curry, taking 3x as much lacative as recomended and get a few blasts of that into the jar?
im sure tom would't mind doing that..ha ha


Dog shit and a rotting dead mouse. I can lay my hands on both of these! Trust me this will take it to a whole new dimension

your gross


You guys are trying too hard. If it is odor you want, just throw some cabbage & radishes in there kim chi style. Then it will not only be gross, but cultured as well. Otherwise I would just smash an interns finger in the door & drop the finger nail in there when it falls off.

how gross is your intern?


stick a jew in there

Karly Haller


Stephanie Wilson

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