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die die my darling

this reminds both of how good Cliff was and how fucking awful Kirk Hammett is. he's an embarrassment to metal.


sorry, kids. some of us were into the misfits before we'd ever even heard of metallica.


He was also the first guy to wear flairs after 1984.

I was 14 when that happened—they did get me into the Misfits
i think they would be different band as well.

Cliff em all!


shut up cockwarden

Mmmmmm, Cliff Burton pancake. Delicious.



maybe this could've gone in the russian issue.

rip cliff

Yo, douche with the Creeping Death link... see how that's Jason Newstead not CLIFF BURTON.

Fuck off.


Darby - you are a misfit - at your age, how can you still be visiting this Web-site? Get a life.

....london calling.....

Metal fans... why why why why do you exist ... to piss everyone else off... fuck off down to camden and get more smelly leather before trhe market becomes flats..

misfit.. sums you lot up... chumps!!


yo, innit, thanks for the advice. i'll never come here again. you're a life saver.

Mechanix Misc

I heard of Mistif...But I dont realli hear ani of their fucking songs...But Cliff Burton is a great bassist...I like his Bass solo...And I wonder why Metallica dont show enought respect to other bassist after him...hmm...wat the fuck is going on?

~Mechanix Misc~

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