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the condoms thing is a bit over the top

i feel ill

I hate my life.


guy used his bare hands in that last youtube clip, wtf!?

why not use rubber gloves?

it's not big or clever

was it jack? seems like he'd do anything you tell him to.

whats the deal with that?


what the fuck! no gloves???? thats the worst thing iv ever seen!


my eyes!!!!!

Dude..gloves, wtf!

errrrrrrr ever been told to like, just grow up ?

I used to think Vice was cool, until it turned into a little boys club wank thing....

Jack is a little boys wank club....

no you are

why all the haters? its only a bit of fun

the condom thing is discusting, those German people are discusting, use gloves

Raina Black

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