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The piss won't help. It's pretty sterile.


okay dudes, it's gross jar overkill. we've had enough.


Can't you dingo shaggers put in something really fucked up and weird? You're a bunch of convicts living on a near alien continent, stop getting stoned on vegemite fumes and do something with that jar original for chrissakes. I believe in you dingo shaggers!!!!

hank greenberg

what kind of jeans are those?

denimbirds..swedish jeans brand. the same dudes that make nudie jeans.

thats it. put in some vegemite.


I wish I could put some of my smegma in the jar.


why is the australian vice always the weakest?


We try but that's what happens when your country is just a homogenised version of america.


haha. what kind of jeans are those...


C'mon!..What about a dead dingo's donger or a kangaroo
foetus... a bit of true blue Ozzy flavour?!!

...r u serious?!
we're australian! not fucking retarded.
arrogant wanker


Australians have more brains than your stupid arse.

Although this is a pretty poor effort.
Get some semen, avocado, and some sort of solvent. Or acid.
Something to meld it all together.

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