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man, that girl has big tits.

i wish i could dance like no one was watching.


i watched this, i'm a happy man now.



I'm stealing some of those moves yo


this really isn't about this piece but, i think i can speak for a lot of people when i say that the photo blogs are ten times funnier when they have captions. that is all.


this guy is out of control -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3516O2DgTE&mode=suggested_some&search=

Vietnamese racing pigeon

Thank fucking god for the interwebs.

Jah Charlie

Tell some pussy fi come outta equiknoxx ting how dem come fi have dem bird ting deh a equiknoxx bird, vex mi vex when mi hear it.

check the myspace link below and u hear d real birds.



HOG MADE OF CAT RAT & DOGNo people shulod expect peace and contentment who are opposed to the Law of God or obedience to Him that brings us into such conditions of life. Since God has exposed them and exposed the hog, they now will say to you "cook it thoroughly done and it is all right to eat." It is not all right to eat it if you cook it thoroughly and kill every pork worm there is in it. The actual flesh then is still poison and is divinely prohibited flesh that you shulod not even touch not to think of eating it, for it was not made to eatMeat is not good for human consumption , but Meat is not a sin. Best meat to eat is lamb and fish, but the Hog, Pig, Swine is sin its divinely prohibited by God and even Jesus forbid not eat it. Thats in Bible and Quran The food of God is the Navy Bean it has so much protiens it takes place of meatIN CREATION OF THE EARTH, CREATOR(GOD) CAUSE EVERYTHING TO GROW IN THE EARTH THAT WOULD BE< OR ACT AS, THE SUSTAINER OF OUR LIVESTrillions of yrs ago Human Beings was living up to 500 yrs some nearly 1500 yrs without eating any meat.There's no greater example of living then a BOOK CALL HOW TO EAT TO LIVE by Honorable Elijah Muhammad through Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan


Thanks to the internet, exerpt reservations about the vaccines get aired. And any nefarious agenda get delayed or retracted. They the Conspiracy know enough people know and are watching. Lets hope this is enough to stop any wrong doings.But the weight of the main stream media is against any unwarranted alarm. Anyone who questions the aims of prestigious world bodies such as the WHO would open themselves to ridicules. Are you nuts? They would suggest.But it is healthy to be a doubting Thomas


Just returned to see again this video, since ydseertay Obama declared Swine flu a national emergency' and trying to vaccinate most of the population. Have they made it to spread the fear around the whole world?I can't avoid thinking of those who speak of population control or destruction. Of those who speak about the prophesized future of social, cultural havoc.Are the dark' forces wining more space?? How can we help other than decline the vaccine?

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