i'm pretty sure that was a joke in Thank You For Smoking. or maybe family guy or some shit


who cares what teenage single mums in hackney say anyway?


I saw a group hop on a bus on Essex Road.
They looked twelve.
My Melbourne friend who was fresh off the boat didnt believe that this baby had a baby.
" How did those tiny hips bring out a baby ? "
It was earingly left as a rhetorical.
As for the comments, I guess the old bill better start carrying those security sweepers or babaies in hackney are going to experience the Chelsea smile.


this is like the cunts leading the cunts, you talk fucking drivel..... vice is dying


'Nang' takes over Cockney slang

Teenagers in east London are forming their own brand of English and pushing out traditional Cockney slang, according to language experts.

A study by Sue Fox, from London's Queen Mary's College, found words such as "nang" - meaning good - were commonly used by youths in inner London.

Ms Fox said this "Multicultural London English" was influenced by a variety of languages such as Bengali.



ahahahahahaaahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahauahahaha foolish ppl!


yeah its called 'funny'. that is a fucking funny thing to say.

patch adams

wish she did slice the little shitbag up getmebruv


best overheard EVER, right here....

I was watching 'Dawn of the Dead' in the rowdiest cinema ever (peckham). At the scene near the beginning where the leading ladys baby gets zombified, a girl in the front row took the time out from her phonecall to shout at her friend next to her-

'Urrrghh! That's YOUR baby that is!'

Cracked the whole house up.

Lt. Dan Bassett

mebe a variation on:
"Maybe the dingo ate your baby!"

Voiceover Artist

Yeah, well fucking Jackson

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