I want the new Crom album for a birthday present. Thank you Crom.

Stockbauer Can We Please Party?

I'm not sure if you know this, but my song rocks.

like tired routines?

the towers of london fight was staged. shocking info, i know, as i'm sure we all thought guys in tank tops and spandex tight jeans with teased hair and make-up were actually tough. faggots.


crom played every song off the old album I wanted to hear, thanks crom!

john martin

Will, the crippled lead singer from CROM shit the bed at the house we were staying. like $60 sheets? thanks crom!

rectal viet nam

john, the autographed sheet and my assless undies that failed to catch my butt vomit are neatly tucked into a miller high life box in a trash can on the side of that house. sorry there are no pictures, scott ran like a little girl.

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