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OK so if you are making a racnig game in this environment, you need to come from somewhere unexpected. Something that's so different enough that people will talk about you. Here's my idea.1) It can't be set in the contemporary world. You either set it in the past, in the future or in a fantasy world. Though the setting doesn't especially matter to the gameplay, it will make a difference to the marketing. A good setting can get people to pay attention long enough to check out the game. I think that a Steampunk contraption racnig game would be awesome but it probably won't hit the right market. So I'm going to set my game about 20 years in the future and populate the race tracks with extrapolations of the cars you see in the prototype show rooms at car shows. All batmobiles and rocket cars.2) One thing that has always pissed me off about all racnig games ever is that to advance, you need to win (or place top 3) every race. REAL RACE CAR DRIVERS DO NOT WIN EVERY RACE. This turns gameplay into run race A until you win, then run race B over and over until you win, and then race C, repeat until you get sick of it So my racnig game instead borrows from the rest of the world of sports games and gives you a career as a racer where you go through fantasy seasons and try to maintain a winning record, BUT IT'S OK IF YOU LOSE SOME RACES. There are seasons and more events than you can compete in so you pick and choose and save cash by giving some events a miss etc. Basically, I want to let the player play a career as a racer instead of just the racnig part. I think that managing a garage and a stable of cars, having to replace destroyed vehicles etc. could be neat and fun.3) As long as we're creating a persistent world where you can win and lose races and still advance, let's populate it with interesting NPCs who can be rival racers. Let's give them distinctive cars and have some that you hate and some that may help you out a little on the tracks. Let's toss the ridiculous half stories that the NFS series had and create a proper racnig RPG with non anonymous opponents that you can come to love and hate. Maybe you strike deals with some or join a racnig team for a time and then get recruited in to another one.So that's my pitch. A racnig career RPG where you can win some AND lose some, where you care about the other racers on the circuit and where there's a little more than just pure racnig.Would this appeal to the current crop of racnig fans? Probably not a lot of them. But they are a lost cause in that they already have 2-3 really great franchises to choose from whether they are arcade or simulator buffs. My game is for people who like going fast but might be in the market for something a little different.

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