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August 16, 2007



Haha, you get the CSS catalog.

I Am Lono

Barry episode, mun. Rattray and Stu. You should do a full Stu episode just to show the difference between accents. Stu is a Livi legend - tried to sell us some shoes once, but nice like, even with nae teeth in his moo.


Snowboarding faggots? wtf. Not every snowboarder is from a fruit from so-cal bro-ing down. The northeast is pure gnar.


mayfield yes i used to get the ccs catalog when i was a young chhild im 21 now and your the worst kind of faggot your link takes us to a "pop" culture website withh expensive clothes and fixed gear bikes. get a grip tool


Can you do a full 4-parter on the hesh-bling fusion movement with Gay Brian as the moderator?

lucas zarebinski

Stu is the shit ... fightin ..
awesome to have non american , educated rippa . show is hard.


julien stranger episode!!


check abcba08169 now

If Six was Nine

"Brandon Turner hyped me up the fuck". Stu is amazing! Thanks for this episode, it hyped me up the fuck too.


where has this episode gone??


You're the reason I ride a skateboard. I was born in the Netherlands and moved with family to Aberdeen, Scotland (the small university town mentioned in the epicly later'd) where I would skate from Duthie park to Westburn park every weekend to skate and witness John, Dods, Barry, Mental Martin, Zee, Fergus, Glen and a whole crew at the pavillion or the mini. 2008, 17 years later I now live in Auckland, NZ, turned pro for Boom skateboards a matter of weeks ago and have now been added to the injury list for the first time in 6 years. I've seen John a few times around the world and still got that same star struck feeling. You're the reason I do what I do and found the love and addiction to skateboarding that really is un-paralelled. I tried to get the email address he left with the manager of the skate shop in Tauranga, but he'd lost it.

Congratulations on 2nd place at Tampa and all the success that you've brought yourself. I look forward to skating again with you one day. Until then keep doing what your doing. My biggest inspiration!



Well said.

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