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July 19, 2007



steve r. is what skateboarding's about


ragdoll..you gotta do ragdoll..


fuck you JFK. i will Rip your Fuckin Head OFFFF!!!!!

liam deegan

steve r shreds. he's the man. whats up with part 3?


hmmmm what about Robbie Gangemi! yeah!!! BOSTON! but for real, You should interview Brewce at skatopia.


how do u watch the video ?


nice one...maybe do jeff grosso or a where are they now old man episode?



and part 4?



let's hear it for the REAL nyc company. steve is one of the best dudes in new york. he is like 35 and still wears everyone else out street skating.


when are the next two parts coming out? keep up the good work


when are the next two parts coming out? keep up the good work

Sean From Newfoundland Canada

First off I would like to say this is the greatest idea that has ever been done with skateboarding on the net, with the exception of the introduction of the Thrasher website! It's great that you are picking credible skateboarders who have done alot for the lifestyle, and giving everyone a glimpse of what they are like outside of mags and vids, keep it up.

I was wondering if there was any way that you could possibly consider doing an episode on someone from the anti-hero camp? or even a 6 and newell episode or something. I have grown up being fascinated witht he don't give a shit atitude of julien stranger, john cards, grewer, and everyone from that camp! It would be so cool to see an episode on someone like that. I'm sure getting julien stranger would be hard as fuck because of his whole laid back atitude, but Iwould love to see someone from anti-hero on this one day, or even someone from creature, maybe a navs episode or a sam hitz episode!

Anyhow, just making a suggestion! I'm gonna watch this regardless and can't wait to see what's next!

All the best.

Jerry Hsu


casey bruce

ughhhhh part 3 doesnt work!
or im just an idiot.

and carroll would be hella rad.

casey bruce

yeah,i am an idiot.


O'DELL! Haha, awesome!

That fs smith pop-over on that construction barrier was SICK!

Can't WAIT for part 4. Much Love, Steve.


I thought get wasted at LES & snorting coke is what EpiclyLaterd is all about.
Hypocrite much?


Do a Jordan Bennett episode!


good ender.. when i would take the train to DC,PHilly,BALMORE,nyc. or were ever it was just to skate and check out the city....


Ok ... maybe i'm stupid .. but how do you watch this episode??? All the other ones i can watch easily by clicking the "watch part 1 or 2 or 3" link. Where is the link for this episode .. please let me know !


if you're keepin it NYC you should definatley try and meet up with popps and do an episode, the man deserves hella more coverage

dirk diggler.

make a slash episode or ragdoll.


Dear Patrick O'Dell
Thank you for educating me about skateboarding and the people involved. I am athletically challenged and I will never learn how to ride a skateboard, but this has motivated me to buy a bike. I'm not sure if you care much for bikes, but I just wanted to let you know that you inspire people outside of the skating world too.

Be happy.

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